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We are a non-profit association of about twenty or thirty friends who enjoy helping each other build and fly model aircraft. We also enjoy flying rubber powered freeflight, and micro RC aircraft indoors during the winter.
The flying field is located at 115 Pineview Road Kakabeka Falls, and known as the Pineview Airpark. Members can usually be found at the field on Tuesday mornings, Wednesday nights (our informal training night), and every Sunday, usually after eleven o’clock AM, June through October, or anytime one or two members can get together for some fun and relaxing flying..... Weather permitting, of course.
North of Superior Flyers is intended to be an association of friends helping friends enjoy building and flying all types of model aircraft. Our meeting schedule varies. Updates will posted on our schedule page here:
A "rogues" gallery of photos, consisting of 400+ photos has been started, and a new and improved version of the links and resources page is up and running, and updated regularly.

Are you interested in building and flying model aircraft?

Read this introduction to the hobby of building and flying model airplanes.

Interested in becoming a member of our club?

As of April 01/2023 R/C Modelling has changed significantly.

I'll update this website soon with all of the details.


Visit our "Rogues Gallery" of photos of members nd events,
including a submitted pictures section.

Check out the gallery!   


Curious as to what the hobby has to offer?

Visit our aircraft modeling links & resources page.   

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Thunder Bay has two Model Aircraft Clubs. The other being the Lakehead Aeromodellers.

Their field is just south of the airport, at the corner of Highway 61 and Little Norway Road,
right next to the GFL depot. Monthly meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every
month, September through June.
Modelling interests do vary, so please feel free to check them out as well.
Guests are always welcome at their meetings and field. If you have any questions about the
Lakehead Aeromodellers, please contact Archie @ 807.939.1056

Visit Lakehead Aeromodellers Website.

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Our club is sanctioned and insured by MAAC, the Model
Aeronautics Association of Canada. You must be a current
Nort of Superior Flyers and MAAC member to fly at our field,
or any MAAC sanctioned club or event in Canada.

Visit MAAC's Website.

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We were also chartered as Chapter 110 of The Society of Antique Modelers.

Visit S.A.M's Website.

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For the full size aviation buff, check out the
Northwestern Ontario Aviation Heritage Centre

Visit the Northwestern Ontario Aviation Heritage Centre Website.

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Lakehead Models is our preferred local supplier.
Located at 262 Bay Street in Thunder Bay - PH 807.345.5776
Please visit Steve for all of your modeling needs.

Visit Lakehead Models Website.

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Great Hobbies is one of our preferred mail order suppliers.

Visit Great Hobbies Website.

Click here to visit MTD Canada's website.

The flying field is proudly groomed using a MTD lawn tractor.

Many thanks to MTD Canada for supplying us with the Shop/Owners Manual for our tractor.

Click here to visit Bruno's Contracting website.

Special thanks to Mr. Bruno DiGregorio of Bruno's Contracting
for the loan of the Bomag walk behind roller.

Thanks to Bruno's generosity we have transformed our field into an excellent flying strip.

Click here to visit Rugged Air's website

Click here to visit Racco Industrial Roofing's website.

Special thanks to Mr. Tony Racco of Rugged Air Systems
and Racco Industrial Roofing for cutting and supplying us
with the aluminum sheets for our new signage.

Thanks to Tony's generosity our flying facility is complete and up to date.

It is the core belief of our club members that the most expensive models are unnecessary to having all the fun you can stand. SB

This hobby is for fun. For more information you can call Tom at 807.626.3599.

Or just drop us an Email.

Email us by clicking here:      Click on the mail box to Email us!

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